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Since launching Shelton Wealth Management in May of 2021, we have been frequently asked by clients to share in written form our thoughts on the current state of the world, markets, and how we sift through the myriad data points and voices to formulate our investment rationale. With this blog, we aim to do just that. Our hope is that the insights shared here serve our clients – both current and prospective – by helping them make sense of the ever-changing investment landscape, further understand our rationale for why we invest client capital the way we do, and act as a valued resource that strengthens our resolve during difficult market environments as we look to brighter days ahead.




One of the best features of the financial industry complex is also one of its worst: there is an endless sea of voices with an endless range of views. At any given time, there are a host of buyers and sellers, bulls and bears, pessimists and optimists…the list goes on. And it can be overwhelming for investors seeking to decipher who is worthwhile to listen to.


Our aim is to share the thoughts and rationale not only of the leaders of Shelton Wealth Management, but also those outside our firm who we pay attention to – and, therefore, who we think our clients should too. And while we all have biases – we’re no exception – there are a handful of thought leaders who have a combination of expertise, prescience, conviction, and common sense that causes us to give more weight to their opinions than the rest. From macro strategists discussing long term global trends, to economists discussing the latest GDP report, to technical analysts looking at tactical market trends, we look forward to peeling back the curtain for our clients so they can gain greater insight into both our thinking as well as the thinking of those who influence us the most.


What’s Next


Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll begin sharing some of the pieces and high-level thinking that we come back to time and time again. These pieces serve as the foundation upon which much of our investment decisions are built, and we believe they are able to stand firm in the face of even the most challenging market environments. From there, we’ll begin to also share more timely pieces that touch on the current state of the markets, economy, and what we’re looking for in the months ahead.

We hope you find these posts instructive as we seek to navigate these ever-changing, ever-surprising markets. To our clients, we hope these pieces serve as a valuable supplement to our ongoing reviews and conversations, and we value any feedback you would like to share. Please also feel free to share with anyone you believe would find these worthwhile. And to those who are not clients, we welcome the opportunity to hear from you and discuss your wealth management needs.



Our best,


Shelton Wealth Management

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